• About the company

    Dexatron Team d.o.o. was founded on 21.11.2013. in Belgrade, and quickly gained trust of OSRAM as well as local partners. Already in 2014/15, in cooperation with OSRAM, Dexatron Team d.o.o. successfully implemented a global sales campaign at gas stations, of one of the leading regional oil companies.
    Deaxtron Team d.o.o. is the only general importer of all OSRAM products for the local market of Serbia and in the region. Our company employs of highly educated professional staff, B.Sc. Ing electronics, economists, physicists and some of us have a decades-long work experience in the world-renowned OSRAM lighting company.
    We operate as a general importer and distributor in the field of automotive bulbs, special LED modules, power supplies and control electronics (LMS - Lighting Management Systems), design of lighting projects, LED luminaires.
    Also, Dexatron Team d.o.o. successfully passed the evaluation of the international credit institution COFACE, which on October 22, 2018. issued Excellent SME Serbia web certificate to Dexatron Team d.o.o.. You can check the validity of the issued certificate at the web page http://www.excellentsme.com/.

    Our business philosophy is respect of customer needs and trust.