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Dexatron team d.o.o.
Resavska 33/51, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

OSRAM product range is classified into four main product groups:
• AM (Automotive)
• DO (Display optic - stage lighting, bulbs for special purposes)
• DS (Digital systems - LED technology - LED modules and power supply and control electronics, LMS - lighting management system)
• LS (Luminaries and Solutions - Lighting Projects, Light Engineering Projects)

The characteristics of all products are high quality, longevity, durability and position of all international quality certificates. The advantage of OSRAM products is low power consumption, which places them among the Eco-friendly products. Emission of harmful gases is decreased, and on the other hand, it is more cost-effective for consumers, because there is direct savings when energy consumption is reduced.

Light is OSRAM